Curated Experiences For The Discerning Traveler

Our purpose is totally tied to our product (that’s our trips). We’re all about sustainable, experience-rich travel. That means using our trips as a force for good, as well as good times. We’re genuinely connected to and invested in the places we go, the people we meet along the way, and the communities at the heart of every YOLO experience. We think globally, act locally, and engage personally.

Our Signature Trips: An Opportunity To Transform

This is where we began, and it’s what we’re known for. You receive everything that makes us unique, plus added comfort, with our Signature group tours. We’ve carefully chosen our lodging for our Signature range to provide you with added character, convenience, and comfort.

Our experienced English-speaking local guides will accompany you during your entire trip and show you all the must-see destinations as well as a tonne of undiscovered jewels and lesser-known locations. In addition to being local specialists, they prioritise cultural engagement on your trip to ensure that you have an unforgettable and genuine travel experience.

Transformative Holidays And Experiences


Ditch burnout culture. Unwind anxiety. Escape the hustle.
Create a life that feels wild, free, and full of pleasure.

Active Adventures

 We design authentic journeys combining different outdoor activities with transformational travel experiences.

Family Adventures

Your family can experience an exciting new culture and explore as much or as little as you like. We’ll help you choose the right destination, place to stay and tailor-made experiences for you. With this kind of trip the whole family is guaranteed to enjoy themselves, feel relaxed and be inspired for more far-flung adventures. Wonderfully exotic yet safe and easy – a stress-free way to ignite your family’s wanderlust.

Guaranteed Group Departures

A Guaranteed Departure is a set tour that will certainly be operated on a scheduled date. It provides our customers with the reassurance and peace of mind that everything will go ahead as planned, and low participation will not lead to cancellation of the tour.

The Mindful Travelers’ Guild: Explore With The Community Of Responsible Travelers

Travel needs to become more responsible, sustainable and mindful. Mindful travel is a phrase that is becoming increasingly common. It’s used to describe an approach to travel — and to life — that is more aware of the impact our travels and our decisions have on the environment and on local communities. Also called responsible travel, sustainable tourism, and ecotourism, mindful travel asks us to consider our travel decisions more carefully and ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions, such as:

  • Is the money we’re spending on our trip benefiting the local community?
  • Are we having a positive impact on the local environment and community?
  • Are we carefully choosing destinations and accommodations that practise sustainability?
  • Do we carry a reusable water bottle and refrain from adding more plastic pollution to the planet?
  • Are we respecting local people and animals, and not using them simply as props for our selfies and Instagram feed?

To us, being mindful means being aware and encompasses the spiritual aspect of life. When you take a mindful approach to travel, you notice things. With a mindful approach, travel becomes a meditation … an experience of being alive in the world … instead of a consumer-oriented, commodified activity designed to maximize your pleasure and keep you distracted.

Are you a Mindful Traveler?