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YoloO Life explorers are exceptional individuals who are driven by something bigger than themselves and believe in making a difference in the world. Our community is for those who are ready to up-skill, grow, heal, and connect with the world in a meaningful way through the joy of travel. By joining our tribe, you’ll gain access to a supportive and inspiring community of individuals who share the same values and aspirations as you.

Join The Mindful Travelers Guild today and embark on a journey towards personal and collective transformation. Let’s create a better world!

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If you love travelling, you're one of us.

Join our vibrant and trusted community of global travelers who share a passion for exploring the world. We support and encourage one another to travel further, freer, and braver by sharing first-hand advice and knowledge from experts and locals. Let’s travel together and create unforgettable experiences!

If you care for the planet, you're one of us.

At YoloO Life, we embrace seekers from all corners of the globe and strive to build a community that reflects the beautiful diversity of our world. Together, we share a common goal of caring for our planet and creating positive change. Join us today and be a part of this global movement!

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Joining a community of responsible mindful travelers can offer numerous benefits, including:

  1. Support and inspiration: Being part of a like-minded community can provide you with support and inspiration to make positive changes in your life and the world.
  2. Shared values: A community of mindful travelers shares a common set of values and beliefs, including respect for the environment, local cultures, and communities.
  3. Authentic travel experiences: By connecting with locals and experts, you can gain a deeper understanding of the places you visit and enjoy more authentic travel experiences.
  4. Sustainable travel: Responsible mindful travelers are committed to sustainable travel practices, such as reducing carbon footprints, minimizing waste, and supporting local businesses.
  5. Lifelong connections: Traveling with a community of mindful travelers can help you build lifelong connections with like-minded people from all over the world.

Joining our community of responsible travelers can enhance your travel experiences while also helping you grow personally and contribute positively to the world.

Access curated info, expert tips, and special offers

  • Discounts on our trips and experiences
  • Early booking opportunities with a minimal 10% deposit
  • Discounts on organic and sustainable food fresh from our farm, including fruits, vegetables, juices, jams, apple cider, honey etc
  • Referral discounts for bringing new like-minded members into the community
  • Free travel insurance to provide peace of mind while exploring new destinations
  • Access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals committed to responsible and mindful travel
  • Opportunities to participate in local conservation and community projects
  • Access to expert guides and resources for immersive, authentic travel experiences
  • Special events and retreats designed for personal growth and transformation.
group of trekkers on the parang la trek


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“Let’s strive to create a future where travel has a positive impact on communities, culture, wildlife and nature.”

Being mindful means being aware and encompasses the spiritual aspect of life. When you take a mindful approach to travel, you notice things. With a mindful approach, travel becomes a meditation … an experience of being alive in the world … instead of a consumer-oriented, commodified activity designed to maximize your pleasure and keep you distracted.

It’s a moment of transcendence, when the beauty or truth of a situation or place suddenly hits you. And you feel connected, alive, lit up.

It’s like a whole new universe opens up within you, and with dawning realization you understand more about the place — and about yourself. This is the essence of transformative travel, letting a situation or place affect and change you.

It could be playing chess with strangers on board a train travelling through rural Kerala. Or the way the early morning sun filters through the trees of ‘Vanvaas’. Or you’re regretting that lost opportunity or grieving an irreplaceable loss and you find solace in a river. It could be the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas in Manali or rituals at dusk in Tashigang in Spiti Valley.

When you are open, aware, and connecting with the local people and culture, you are practising mindful travel. And, in the end, it’s these experiences that are priceless and truly make our lives rich.

Make a positive impact when you travel and make those magic moments.

Are you a Mindful Traveller?