A Quest for the Authentic Andaman Experience

 06 Nights 07 Days      Meghalaya

34,500.00 + 5% GST

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    Trip Style: Experiential and adventurous, suitable for off-the-beaten-path travelers.

    Starting Point: Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

    Ending Point: Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

    Route: Port Blair – Havelock Island – Neil Island – Baratang Island – Ross Island – Port Blair.


    • Explore the pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters of Radhanagar, Elephant, and Kalapathar Beaches
    • Visit the Cellular Jail in Port Blair and learn about India’s struggle for independence
    • Snorkel or scuba dive to explore the vibrant coral reefs and marine life at Havelock Island or Neil Island
    • Experience the unique bioluminescent phenomenon at Havelock Island or Radhanagar Beach
    • Enjoy water sports such as banana boat rides, jet skiing, and parasailing at various beaches in the islands

    Detailed Itinerary

    Day 1: Enthralling Arrival: Port Blair's Cellular Jail Light & Sound Show

    Day 1: Arrival in Port Blair
    On your arrival at the picturesque Port Blair, our gracious representative will receive you with utmost hospitality and escort you to your luxurious accommodations. As the sun sets, you’ll be enraptured by the awe-inspiring Cellular Jail light and sound show, which portrays the valiant fight of Indian freedom fighters.

    Day 2: Sail Away to Paradise: Havelock Island's Exquisite Beaches

    Day 2: Havelock Island
    Sail off to the paradisiacal Havelock Island, renowned for its resplendent beaches and translucent waters. Traverse the white sands, indulge in exhilarating aquatic sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving or venture on an enthralling trek to the Elephant Beach, which abounds with vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life.

    Day 3: Relish in Radiance: Radhanagar Beach's Exotic Charms

    Day 3: Radhanagar Beach
    The third day is devoted to savoring the allure of Radhanagar Beach, hailed as one of the most exquisite beaches in Asia. Soak up the glorious sun, feel the powdery sand beneath your toes, and relish the delectable seafood at the nearby eateries.

    Day 4: Tranquil Treasures: Discovering Neil Island's Natural Beauty

    Day 4: Neil Island
    Prepare to be spellbound by the enchanting and tranquil atmosphere of Neil Island, adorned with lush verdure and breathtaking vistas. Explore the awe-inspiring natural bridge, take in the gorgeous sunset at the sunset point, or unwind at the serene beaches.

    Day 5: Journey to the Extraordinary: Baratang Island's Limestone Caves and Mangrove Forests

    Day 5: Baratang Island
    Embark on an enchanting journey to the Baratang Island, characterized by its striking limestone caves and mangrove forests. Immerse yourself in the surreal landscape, as you sail through the labyrinthine mangrove tunnels and marvel at the extraordinary limestone formations.

    Day 6: Unveiling History: Exploring Ross Island's Colonial Past

    Day 6: Ross Island
    The sixth day is dedicated to the mystical Ross Island, the erstwhile administrative hub of the British. Unearth the remnants of the colonial era and discover the fascinating history that shaped the island.

    Day 7: Farewell with Fond Memories: Departing the Resplendent Andaman Islands.

    Bid adieu to the resplendent Andaman Islands, as you depart for the airport, filled with cherished memories that will linger for a lifetime.


    • Tour guide & driver
    • Breakfast and dinner at our places of stay
    • Pick-up & drop from the airport
    • Stay in beautifully located properties
    • Basic first aid medical kit
    • Wildlife/ environmental permits and other permits & levies


    • Cost of any form of insurance (Personal/Baggage/Medical)
    • Cost of rescue, evacuation, hospitalization, etc.
    • Any expense of purely personal nature like laundry, tips to drivers, guides, and any beverages.
    • Any expenses that arise due to changes in itinerary and increase in no. of days because of natural forces like landslides, weather, roadblocks, flight cancellations, sickness etc.

    Additional Activities

    • Scuba diving: Explore the rich marine life of Andaman Islands.
    • Snorkeling: Experience the colorful coral reefs and marine species.
    • Sea walking: Walk on the sea bed and witness the underwater world.
    • Parasailing: Fly over the Andaman Sea while being pulled by a speedboat.
    • Trekking: Explore the lush forests, hills, and beaches.
    • Cultural tours: Visit local villages, museums, and historical monuments to learn about the island’s culture and history.

    Items to Carry

    • Light cotton clothes for warm and humid weather.
    • Warm clothes such as jackets, sweaters, and shawls for chilly evenings.
    • Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers for sightseeing and trekking.
    • Raincoats or umbrellas for sudden rain showers, especially during the monsoon season.
    • Swimwear for water activities in places like Dawki and Shnongpdeng.
    • Toiletries -Sunscreen SPF 40+, Moisturizer, Lip balm, Soap, Toilet paper.
    • Repair Kit (needle and thread).
    • Headlamp/ Torch.
    • Camera.
    • Water Bottle- Ideally keep two bottles 1 liter each.
    • Trekking Pole -Optional.
    • Plastic Packing covers. (Please pack all your gear in waterproof plastic bags so that your clothes etc do not get wet while on horses or porters. Also carry extra plastic bags in case you need to pack wet clothes.)

    Note: We advise you to carry all the belongings in a rucksack so that it is easy to move around in case of any emergency.

    How to reach

    The Andaman Islands can be reached by air and sea. The nearest airport is Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair, which is well-connected to major cities in India such as Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. Regular passenger ships are also available from Kolkata, Chennai, and Visakhapatnam. Once you reach Port Blair, you can start your tour by meeting our representative who will guide you throughout the trip.


    Safety & Adventure Sports
    The most basic yet prominent principle of indulging in any adventure activity is to take all the necessary precautions for safety.
    We at Yoloo.Life, keep it all in account and ensure maximum safety measures to pre-plan the trip and minimize any kind of risk. We plan to mitigate the risk of high altitude-related problems by preparing and acclimatizing well and staying in comfort.
    We strongly suggest you keep yourself adequately hydrated- possibly double your water intake.

    • Ensure that you take all your medications along to avoid any health issues.
    • Inform your friends and family before you depart for the trip and let them know that this will be a ‘No-Network’ zone.

    We will be your point of contact throughout the entire trip. Our complete staff is trained and certified, including our wilderness first responders on the programs. So in any case, we will be there to help you out.