Enthusiasts, seekers of challenging hikes, experienced climbers, and anyone who wants the thrill of challenging treks, knows the risks of making it happen. Deathly trails, falling rocks, hidden crevasses, uncertain weather, and nerve-racking places that have taken lives, these journeys are not for the inexperienced.

Striking a balance between body strength, mental wellness, and playing by mother nature’s rules, one can conquer these. Special equipment, months of practice, and bravery are the key factors in making these tougher treks an absolute success.



“A walk in nature walks the soul back home,”

These are treks you should not miss on your trip to the Himalayas and are ideal for beginners and pros alike. These short treks can be easily included with your trip to the Himalayas, India or can be easily done on weekend for those living around the Himalayas


These are multi-day treks you should do do if you have trekked in the Himalayas before or/and if you are in reasonably good health and can walk 3-4 kms in an hour comfortably.


“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”
Step into the unknown to discover what you are capable of. It’s leaving your prior expectations behind to find new frontiers. You don’t know what you’re fully capable of until you ask yourself the question. You will not fail if you try.

Travel Deeper Into Nature, Far Away From It All… Closer To Yourself

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