Nature And Adventure

Over the river and through the woods…
To understand yourself, look deep into nature. That is what we at Yoloo.Life believe in. We curate experiences crafted in nature, with nature and of nature.
From Forest Bathing to a short nap in the forest, it is all about nature.
Explore some of the most off-beat and not-on-map trails in the thick Himalayan jungles.
Experience camping in forests and some basic survival techniques. Cook under the milky way and enjoy the hospitality of the natives, for a wholesome experience.
You can choose to engage in cleaning up some popular trails while on your hikes, to give back something to mother nature. The experience of hiking is unique. It is beyond mere physical activity. Hiking and nature keep your mind sharper, your body calmer, your creativity alive, your relationships happier and your soul content.


For the curious…
By the curious…
Positive change and transformation through mindful, responsible and conscious travel This is the pulse of the Yoloo.Life community. We believe in sharing experiences that will touch lives not just on the surface but are designed to bring in a transformation and change.
The trips and experiences that you can enjoy as a community member, are crafted to enrich you with a sense of belonging and self-discovery. Our community thrives on the one passion that all our like-minded members share – Explore and Evolve.
The community is a symbiotic and synergetic self-sustaining entity that encourages the transformation of mind, body and soul through life-enriching experiences.