A Mindful Holiday In The Remote Zanskar Valley

 06 Nights 07 Days      Manali

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    The Route

    • Day 01: Arrive in Manali – Vanvaas – Acclimatise
    • Day 02: Manali to Atal Tunnel Rohtang – Keylong (3100 m) – Jispa (3200 m).
    • Day 03: Jispa – Shinkun La (5090 m) – Gonborangjum (4330 m) – Kurgiakh (4150 m) – Purney (3800 m).
    • Day 04: Purney – Phugtal (3900 m) – Purney – Raru (3800 m) – Padum (3600 m).
    • Day 05: Padum – Tungri – Phe – Hamiling – Abran – Aksho – Pensi La (4470 m) – Padum (3660m).
    • Day 06: Padum – Dzonkhul – Sani – Karsha (3750 m) – Stongde (3800 m) – Zangla (3650 m) – Anmo (3870m).
    • Day 07: Anmo – Shinkun La – Atal Tunnel – Manali)


    • Explore the charming village of Jispa, nestled on the banks of the Bhaga River.
    • Traverse the breathtaking Shinkun La pass, offering panoramic views of the region.
    • Visit the awe-inspiring Phugtal Monastery, built into a cliffside, for a unique spiritual experience.
    • Immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions of Purney village.
    • Discover the administrative center of Zanskar, Padum, and explore its attractions.
    • Drive through picturesque villages like Tungri, Phe, Hamiling, Abran, and Aksho.
    • Experience the serene beauty of Pensi La, a high mountain pass with sweeping vistas.
    • Visit ancient monasteries including Dzonkhul, Sani, Karsha, and Stongde.
    • Explore the captivating Zangla village and its ancient castle.

    Detailed Itinerary

    5pm Volvo bus from Delhi to Manali

    In the evening at 4pm, assemble at a predesignated location in Delhi and board the volvo bus to Manali. It’s a 12-14 hour journey

    Arrive in Manali - acclimatization hike to 'VanVaas'

    Welcome to Manali! After your overnight journey from Delhi or Chandigarh, our team will warmly receive you. From there, we’ll embark on a hike to Vanvaas: The Wilderness Lodge, located in the quaint hamlet of Soil on the Naggar Manali road. The trail takes you through charming villages, where friendly locals greet you with warm smiles. As you continue along the gentle forest trail for about 45 minutes, you’ll stumble upon a hidden gem. A cozy Himachali home nestled amidst apple orchards and tall trees awaits you. Take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air, immersing yourself in a Shinrin-Yoku experience.
    Upon reaching Vanvaas, unwind and freshen up. Explore the surrounding forest and find a peaceful spot by the gushing Pucknozz stream. Nature and bird enthusiasts will be delighted by the amazing sightings in the area. Allow the forest to rejuvenate your senses. In the evening, enjoy a quiet dinner around a bonfire and BBQ, and then retire for the night, serenaded by the soothing sounds of the stream.

    Manali to Atal Tunnel - Keylong (3100 m) - Jispa (3200 m)

    Day 2 begins with a drive from Manali to Atal Tunnel Rohtang, a gateway to the stunning Keylong and Jispa. As you traverse the scenic routes, let the majestic mountains and serene surroundings inspire a sense of calm and presence.

    Jispa - Shinkun La (5090 m) - Gonborangjum (4330 m) - Kurgiakh (4150 m) - Purney (3800 m)

    On Day 3, your expedition continues to the awe-inspiring Shinkun La pass, where you’ll be greeted by awe-inspiring vistas. Descending from the pass, you’ll explore the charming villages of Gonborangjum, Kurgiakh, and Purney, where you can connect with the local culture and traditions.

    Purney - Phugtal (3900 m) - Purney - Raru (3800 m) - Padum (3600 m)

    Day 4 brings an extraordinary experience as you embark on a hike to Phugtal Monastery. Nestled within a cliffside, this remarkable Buddhist monastery exudes an air of spirituality, inviting you to reflect and find inner peace. Afterwards, you’ll venture to Padum, the heart of Zanskar, where you can immerse yourself in the local way of life and soak in the tranquil atmosphere.

    Padum - Tungri - Phe - Hamiling - Abran - Aksho - Pensi La (4470 m) - Padum (3660 m)

    On Day 5, your journey takes you through a series of picturesque villages, including Tungri, Phe, Hamiling, Abran, and Aksho. The scenic drive culminates at Pensi La, a majestic mountain pass offering panoramic views that are sure to leave you in awe. As you descend from the pass and return to Padum, you’ll feel a sense of renewal and connection with the natural world.

    Padum - Dzonkhul - Sani - Karsha (3750 m) - Stongde (3800 m) - Zangla (3650 m) - Anmo (3870 m)

    Day 6 holds a wealth of spiritual encounters. From the ancient Dzonkhul and Sani monasteries, where centuries of Buddhist art and wisdom are preserved, to the majestic Karsha Monastery and the captivating Zangla village, each destination unveils a unique facet of Zanskar’s rich cultural heritage. Finally, you’ll settle in the peaceful village of Anmo, allowing yourself to absorb the transformative energy of the surroundings.

    Anmo - Shinkun La - Atal Tunnel - Manali

    On the last day, as you retrace your route and cross the Shinkun La pass, take a moment to reflect on the profound experiences and personal growth you’ve achieved throughout this mindful journey. Passing through Atal Tunnel, you’ll return to Manali, carrying the memories and lessons of your transformational travel experience.


    • Pick and drop at Manali bus stops
    • Accommodation in comfortable homestays on triple sharing
    • All breakfast and dinner during the trip
    • Well-trained and qualified guides and support staff to take care of the safety and services
    • Wildlife/environmental or any other permits required
    • First-aid medical kits


    • Any kind of personal expenses
    • Food during the transit
    • Insurance
    • Anything not specifically mentioned under the head “Price Includes”

    Additional Activities

    • You can stay at VanVaas to have a rejuvenating experience of Forest Bathing
    • For the adrenaline junkie, there are multiple options of paragliding, rafting and zip lining to choose from

    Items to Carry

    • Warm Socks (1 pair)
    • Headgear – Scarf, Cap (1)
    • T-Shirts (2-3)
    • Track pants/ Trekking pants
    • Sweatshirt (1-2)
    • Sweater/ Jacket (1)
    • Torch
    • Trekking Pole (optional)
    • Sunglasses and Sun Cap
    • Sunscreen and Chapstick
    • Comfortable hiking shoes (preferably waterproof)
    • Water bottle
    • Any personal medication

    Note: We advise you to carry all the belongings in a rucksack so that it is easy to move around in case of any emergency.

    How to reach Manali

    • Delhi to Manali – Volvo Bus
    • Chandigarh to Manali – Volvo Bus
    • Delhi to Bhuntar – Flight (we’ll arrange for a pickup at the airport on request)

    *If you need any assistance with your travel bookings, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!


    Safety & Adventure Sports
    The most basic yet prominent principle of indulging in any adventure activity is to take all the necessary precautions for safety.
    We at Yoloo.Life, keep it all in account and ensure maximum safety measures to pre-plan the trip and minimize any kind of risk. We plan to mitigate the risk of high altitude-related problems by preparing and acclimatizing well and staying in comfort.
    We strongly suggest you keep yourself adequately hydrated- possibly double your water intake.

    • Ensure that you take all your medications along to avoid any health issues.
    • Inform your friends and family before you depart for the trip and let them know that this will be a ‘No-Network’ zone.

    We will be your point of contact throughout the entire trip. Our complete staff is trained and certified, including our wilderness first responders on the programs. So in any case, we will be there to help you out.