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Designer Holidays For The Discerning Traveler

Are you seeking a travel experience that goes beyond the typical tourist hotspots? Look no further! With over 12 years of experience and first-hand local knowledge, we can tailor a trip that perfectly suits your needs.

Whether you’re a high performer seeking serenity, a tired parent in need of respite, or someone looking to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. Our trips are designed to provide positive psychological and emotional benefits while enjoying an unforgettable travel experience.

We offer immersive trips that allow you to explore authentic local cultures in a sustainable, experience-rich way. Our focus is on providing you with personalized service and travel planning expertise that ensures your trip is stress-free and professional. We take pride in offering special access, favorable prices, and local insight to give you a unique and unforgettable experience.

With us, you’ll discover the real magic of travel that happens away from the beaten path.

Tailored Travel Experiences for the Sophisticated Explorer

Our trips are as unique as you – crafted to invoke your sense of wonder and designed to push you just enough to send you home with a story. You are the key to what we do. Bring your personality to your adventure; build it into your travels. We’re here to help you do just that and transform your travels into what they should be – inspiring, authentic, and completely you.

Your next Adventure Starts With A Conversation

We want your holiday to be perfect. Call us to design your next holiday. We will personally help you plan your holiday. Call (11 am – 5 pm)
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Let's strive to create a future where travel has a positive impact on communities, culture, wildlife and nature.

Travel needs to become more responsible, sustainable and mindful. Mindful travel is a phrase that is becoming increasingly common. It’s used to describe an approach to travel — and to life — that is more aware of the impact our travels and our decisions have on the environment and on local communities. Also called responsible travel, sustainable tourism, and ecotourism, mindful travel asks us to consider our travel decisions more carefully and ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions, such as:

  • Is the money we’re spending on our trip benefiting the local community?
  • Are we having a positive impact on the local environment and community?
  • Are we carefully choosing destinations and accommodations that practise sustainability?
  • Do we carry a reusable water bottle and refrain from adding more plastic pollution to the planet?
  • Are we respecting local people and animals, and not using them simply as props for our selfies and Instagram feed?

To us, being mindful means being aware and encompasses the spiritual aspect of life. When you take a mindful approach to travel, you notice things. With a mindful approach, travel becomes a meditation … an experience of being alive in the world … instead of a consumer-oriented, commodified activity designed to maximize your pleasure and keep you distracted.

Are you a Mindful Traveller?