About Snowshoeing in Hampta Valley:

SnowSnowshoeing is an exciting adventure sport that allows individuals to explore snowy terrain with ease. It serves as a fantastic introduction to interacting with snow and exploring snowy terrain, providing a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts. One such destination for snowshoeing is The Wilderness Lodge in Sethan Village, Himachal Pradesh.

To participate in snowshoeing, it is essential to have the right gear. Participants should be prepared with winter clothing, waterproof gear, and sturdy boots to walk comfortably on the snow. Staying hydrated is crucial, as the physical exertion can be demanding. It is also important to take precautions like wearing sunscreen, carrying necessary supplies, and being aware of potential risks.

Snowshoeing Tours By YoloO Life:

YoloO Life, the pioneers of snowshoeing in Hampta Valley, Himachal Pradesh, have introduced this sport in the region. They offer an exciting opportunity to engage in snowshoeing adventures amidst breathtaking landscapes around the Sethan village, which is also the last village on the Hampta Pass trail to Spiti Valley.

At The Wilderness Lodge in Sethan Village near Manali, experienced staff from YoloO Life conduct snowshoeing activities, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of participants. A typical day at The Wilderness Lodge for snowshoeing begins with a hearty breakfast. Packed lunches are provided to sustain energy during the adventure. Participants are equipped with snowshoeing rackets and basic first aid supplies.

Before heading out, participants receive an induction program to maximize fun while minimizing risks during snowshoeing. After a thrilling day on the snow, guests return to the cafe at the lodge, where they are treated to delicious home-cooked meals ranging from Continental to Indian cuisine.

To conclude the day, guests gather around a cozy Tandoor, unwinding and sharing their experiences of the day. It creates a warm and communal atmosphere, fostering connections and creating lasting memories.

Snowshoeing in Sethan and Hampta valley is an incredible experience, combining adventure, natural beauty, and the joy of bonding over shared stories and delicious food. they also conduct group departures snowshoe hiking tours with stay at ‘The Wilderness Lodge’. Check out YoloO Life on Instagram.

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