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Change How You See The World: Travel Deeper With The Mindful Explorers’ Guild

Being mindful means being aware and encompasses the spiritual aspect of life. When you take a mindful approach to travel, you notice things. With a mindful approach, travel becomes a meditation … an experience of being alive in the world … instead of a consumer-oriented, commodified activity designed to maximize your pleasure and keep you distracted.

It’s a moment of transcendence when the beauty or truth of a situation or place suddenly hits you. And you feel connected, alive, lit up.

It’s like a whole new universe opens up within you, and with dawning realization you understand more about the place — and about yourself. This is the essence of transformative travel, letting a situation or place affect and change you.

It could be playing chess with strangers on board a train travelling through rural Kerala. Or the way the early morning sun filters through the trees of ‘Vanvaas’. Or you’re regretting that lost opportunity or grieving an irreplaceable loss and you find solace in a river. It could be the grandeur of the mighty Himalayas in Manali or rituals at dusk in Tashigang in Spiti Valley.

When you are open, aware, and connecting with the local people and culture, you are practising mindful travel. And, in the end, it’s these experiences that are priceless and truly make our lives rich.

Make a positive impact when you travel and make those magic moments.

Are you a Mindful Traveller?